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dotFIT is your branded complete fitness resource both on the ground and online, all in one plug-and-play platform. 

Who is dotFIT?

Founded by Neal Spruce, the original founder of Apex Fitness Group and creator of the revolutionary bodybugg® weight control system (both now owned by 24 Hour Fitness), dotFIT is comprised of Spruce and his long-standing research and development team. Under the umbrella of Global Health Solutions and with support from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), dotFIT is a complete nutrition and exercise resource for both consumers and the fitness industry. MORE

When you partner with dotFIT, you’re getting the best of fitness & nutrition programming and products. Purity and potency are assured with dotFIT dietary supplements and meal replacement products. Exercise programs are designed by NASM and menus are written by Registered Dietitians.

What do I get with a dotFIT license?

  • dotFIT dietary supplements, meal replacement bars & drinks, and other fitness-related products
  • Online wholesale ordering – you carry only as much product as you want, or none at all
  • Recurring home delivery program, self-managed online by your clients
  • Revenue share for your clients’ online orders
  • Interactive, complete fitness programs for all ages and goals
  • Robust online community platform with blogs, message boards and more
  • Loyalty program for your staff, your clients, and your club(s)
  • Client access to dotFIT phone coaches (if desired)
  • Staff education, certification and training
  • Continuous development and support at all levels

Elevate your business with evidence-based fitness solutions from dotFIT.  MORE

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