Which vitamins and supplements are good for my hair?

I have often heard that MVM users notice an improved appearance and rate of growth of hair and nails. To grow or build tissues and structures in the body, essential nutrients are required (vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids).

If intakes of these nutrients are insufficient, then growth and repair processes may be impaired. The use of a MVM formula should cover your nutritional bases and together with your best diet, will ensure you have all of the nutrients your body requires to build your hair. How your hair looks now is a reflection of what was being done when that portion was built and how you are caring for it now. Harsh hair products and chemicals, excessive drying, hard water…all of these can affect your current head of hair. The body produces natural oils and constantly washing these out may make hair look and feel dryer. I have known many people and sources that suggest you NOT wash your hair everyday, allowing the hair to retain natural moisture and oils.

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