"As a Club Owner and Operator with over 15 years of Industry experience, I have been bombarded with offers from supplement companies with endless pitches on the latest products.  While nutrition is absolutely critical to our clients' and club's success, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to sort through the countless offerings and determine which supplements to stock your facility with.  On top of that, members are usually looking for the "quick fix supplement" that they saw in a magazine or on the internet, and they rely on me and our staff to help guide them through the hype. 

"At Fusion Fitness Center, we focus 100% of our programming on our clients' success, which means that it is imperative that we only offer products that are proven to be both safe and effective.  Our Team can only sell with 100% confidence when we have our clients' best interest in mind.  I found what we needed with dotFIT.  I finally have the scientifically-proven products that our clients need, along with the unparalleled support they deserve.  Probably more importantly, I found a family.  Since Day One with this company, the team at dotFIT has made it their mission to provide excellent customer service, a great product, and the proper education so that my Team knows exactly what we are selling.  I trust the products so much that me and my family use them too.

"Quality, Support, and Education.  That is why I chose dotFIT over any other brand – for my business and for my family."

Results Are Earned
Nic DeCaire 
Fusion Fitness Center – President

“The transition to dotFIT was extremely easy for us.  The commitment that Neal Spruce and his staff have to changing the world one life at a time has transcended down to all of our managers and employees.  Our dominant thought is to help every member reach their fitness goals, which would not be possible without the education and products from dotFIT.  It is that unrelenting focus on results that has led Vision Quest Sport and Fitness to become the most successful fitness chain in the State of Washington.”

Jeff Carlson
Vision Quest Sport and Fitness – WA

"At My Fitness Kitchen®, we have four simple ingredients that we incorporate into everyone’s program with a particular hierarchy to follow when it comes to weight and or fat loss.  We do not mislead any of our members about this hierarchy.  Bottom line it starts with nutrition as very few are in a position that they can out-exercise a crappy diet.  Knowing nutrition will be critical in our programming and our USP (how we want to position My Fitness Kitchen®) it was essential that we partner with a nutritional and supplemental company built behind solid research and development thus why My Fitness Kitchen® is exclusive to dotFIT.

"The impact dotFIT has had with My Fitness Kitchen® has been tremendous.  Although we are not a large facility at 5600 square feet, we leverage dotFIT education, technology and products to maximize our revenue per member while securing the position of expert when it comes to weight management in our market.  With more and more competition entering the market, this is such a luxury; especially since the competition is only selling a mode (exercise) to a goal (weight management); where we are able to sell the goal! 

Excluding our membership and training revenues, dotFIT’s direct impact to My Fitness Kitchen® revenue production saw our monthly revenue per member increase an extra $9.00 per member per month!  Just think about that, for each member we have we averaged an extra $9 each month in dotFIT products and services.  Looking over YTD numbers, we are on pace of increasing that by another 25%!  Again with more and more new competition entering the market, this 25% increase alone is equivalent to 19 new membership sales each month that we do not have to fight or stress over."

Mark Rullo, MS, CSCS, MES

My Fitness Kitchen® - Latrobe, PA

“The decision to license with dotFIT was easy because they are simply the best online fitness and nutrition platform in the world. They have unprecedented resources and tools for both our trainers and members. In just the first 6 months after connecting with dotFIT, our personal training increased by over 40% and created a new category of sales: supplements that continue to grow. You can’t argue with those results.”

-Keith Worts, COO

“When dotFIT presented their platform, they shared how they would partner with us to integrate the entire platform and train our entire staff. We had no idea how hands on they would be in helping us become successful with the program. It’s almost like they are a part of our team. The platform delivers on every level and so does the dotFIT team.”

-Derek Gallup, VP of Fitness

“At Axiom Fitness, we are strong proponents of constant education and hands-on, practical application training for our Trainers.  Bringing the dotFIT Educator out to work with our seasoned staff was a no-brainer for us, and it had an immediate and profound impact on our production. 
With dotFIT’s educational resources, our supplement sales alone increased more than $2,000 per club in the 45 days that followed - a huge return on the investment!”  

JP Green
Axiom Fitness – Boise, ID

"Typical product-promotion methods are difficult for us; we are small, like 50 clients small. Gym-wide weight loss contests or bundling products with training packages just don’t fit our size or model. So when it comes to promoting dotFIT products, we employ other methods. And it works pretty well! We typically make the Top50 with the “big boys” – we love that.

"First off, every client gets a dotFIT account. We help them set it up and give them a brief tour. Every new client gets a dotFIT JumpStart Kit and some shake samples. We also email each new client a link to Neal’s armband video – so they know more about it and can decide if it’s a tool that would help them.

Occasionally, I’ll grab a bar from the display and use it as a “prize” for tiny contests – like who can hold the longest plank or wall-sit. You should hear the cries of “he’s cheating” or see the grimaced determination to win a free bar.

"Having some of the product “out” like we do promotes conversation. We noticed new clients asking veteran clients what they are buying. We like to encourage that type of feedback. If a client grabs me for a quick product question, like “is this bar any good?” I typically say “I really like it, but you know who LOVES it? Billy over there buys them all the time. Hey Billy, got a second?” I let Billy tell the new client what HE likes about the product. It means more.

"We also include dotFIT links, tips, recipes, product promos, etc. in our newsletters and pop them into our Facebook Fan Page. It might not drive a ton of immediate traffic, but it’s a simple and inexpensive way to keep the topic on the client’s radar.

Overall, we’ve focused on making receipt of dotFIT products convenient and easy. We may not be a big box gym, but we don’t let that stop us!"

Shannon Sorrels

Physix – Ahwatukee, AZ
Author, “…Then Just Stay Fat”

"Everything is going well.  dotFIT sales are really strong - I am really pleased with what you guys offer! Our supplement sales are up 200% from when we were with Supplement RX, and we sell about $1000 more in weight loss programs a month than we did previously.”  

Ben Quist
Form and Fitness – Grafton, WI