I take the Women’sMV. Do I need to take calcium too?

I take the Women’sMV. Do I need to take calcium too?

Answer: The table below suggests adequate calcium levels for men and women at various ages.  If you do not reach the recommended level between your diet and multivitamin, then you can add calcium by taking supplements or by eating more calcium rich foods. Pregnancy and breastfeeding require more calcium, but the body’s ability to absorb calcium also increases, so the suggested intake is not higher during these times. Since the daily recommendation for calcium is large, it is not possible to make a multivitamin that provides proper levels of most nutrients and include calcium at the levels listed below, so multivitamins typically have smaller amounts of calcium in them.

Age                        14 to 18    19 to 30    31 to 50    51 to 70    > 70
Calcium intake    1300 mg    1000mg    1000mg    1200mg    1200mg

Here are some good calcium sources; you can also use this table to help determine your calcium intake (note that leafy green plant sources of calcium have a much lower bioavailability than animal sources so you need to eat more of them).

Food                                                                                                                  Mgs of Calicum

Yogurts: Plain, Low-Fat                                                                                             207
Yogurt, fruit, low fat, 8 oz.                                                                                         258
Fish, Canned, Packaged: Sardine, Atlantic, in oil, drained solids w. bone, 0.8 oz.     92
Cheese: Cheddar, 1 oz                                                                                               202
Milk: Cow, Fat-Free, Skim                                                                                            316
Milk: Cow, Light or Low-Fat (1% fat)                                                                          314
Milk: Cow, Reduced-Fat (2% fat)                                                                                287
Milk: Cow, Whole, Full-Fat (3.25% fat)                                                                        276
Milk: Buttermilk, Reduced-Fat (2% fat) 1 cup                                                              350
Milk: Cow, Lactose-Reduced, Fat-Free, Skim, 1% or 2% (Lactaid)                            300
Cheese: Mozzarella, part skim milk 1 oz.                                                                     221
Tofu Products: Firm, raw 1 oz-wt***                                                                           194
Fruit Juices: Pure Premium, Orange, Calcium & Vitamin D, 8 fl oz.                              350
Fish, Canned, Packaged: Salmon, pink, solids w. bone & liquid, 3 oz.                        181
Vegetables, Fresh: Broccoli, boiled, drained, no salt added                                         31
Cottage Cheese: Low Fat, 1% Milk Fat 1 cup unpacked                                            138
Tofu Products: Soft, nigari 3 oz-wt 1/5 block***                                                         100
Vegetables, Fresh: Spinach, boiled, drained, no salt added ½ cup                           122
Vegetables, Fresh: Spinach, raw, edible portion 1 cup (1.1 oz)                                  30
Viactiv Supplements: Calcium Soft Chews, Milk Chocolate                                        500
Frozen Yogurt: Soft, Fat-Free (TCBY) ½ cup                                                            100
Breakfast Cereals, Cooked: Oats, instant, plain, cooked 1 oz-wt dry                        100
Ice Cream: Hard, Regular (10% fat) ½ cup                                                                128
Silk Soy Drinks: Soymilk, Light, Vanilla 1 cup.                                                              300
Vegetables, Fresh: Broccoli, raw, edible portion 1 cup                                                43
Pizzas: 14" Pizza, Cheese Topping, Original Crust 1 slice                                          182


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