What supplements should women over 40 take?

Below is our general health recommendation for all adult women up to age 50 years who are not trying to conceive, not pregnant or lactating.


Women’s Multivitamin & Mineral formula (Proper gender, age or activity specific with 1000IUs of vitamin D)

Take 1-daily

As needed:

Super Calcium+

Use if you do not meet the daily needs of calcium (~1000-1200 mgs) and Vitamin D (1000IU) from sunlight, multivitamin and food intake; kids should always try to achieve requirements through diet

Super Omega-3

Take 1 daily if not consuming 2-4 svgs/wk of fatty fish

Typical Use of the ideal MVM for Women

• For use by women 13-50 years of age

• Non-pregnant females not trying to conceive

• One tablet per day before or after main meal with a favorite beverage


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