SuperOmega-3 color variations

In short, it's because natural ingredients react differently to the production process every time we run a new batch.

SuperOmega-3 Update

In our continued effort to produce pure and professional-grade products, a manufacturer that specializes in natural fish-oil products is now producing the dotFIT SuperOmega-3. The formula is the same, but because nothing in nature is "identical" due to the environment and genetics, natural extractions and coatings may vary in appearance from one pill/capsule or batch to another. This applies to vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, fatty acids, etc.; they might all have variations in color when they are made of natural extractions from living plants/organisms.

If your new dotFIT SuperOmega-3 looks slightly different than the last batch, you now know why and the same goes for any product we deliver when natural extractions are used. Keep in mind, all ingredients are tested separately BEFORE they are combined into a product (and the final product is also tested to make sure the contents match the label).

Manufacturing Date

To assure freshness, the new SuperOmega-3 manufacturer includes the production date on the bottom of the bottle. For example: MFG date 14/02/13 (day/month/year). The product won't expire for about 2 years after this date (though we never have a single lot in stock for more than 6 months to a year).

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