Can you lose weight eating the same thing and doing Randy Coutre's 11-minute workout?

Answer: The simple answer to your question is yes, given enough time.

Let's presume your weight was stable. This would imply that over a period of time you eat as many calories as you burn. Adding an intense 11 minute workout to your daily routine would certainly allow you to burn more calories and establish a small calorie deficit. However, even 11 minutes done at a reasonably high intensity (if it's too high you will have to take periodic breaks) would likely burn 100 calories at the most.

At this rate, you would burn an additional 700 calories a week, if you did it every day. In 5 weeks, you would have burned the calories equivalent to one pound. We would not rely on this as our only weight loss method. Try eating a few hundred calories less a day (take some from each meal and you'll never miss it) and add a couple of 10-15 minute bouts of activity (brisk walking is fine) per day and you will accelerate the rate of weight loss considerably.

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